Leader Essentials

Here are some FREE KidMin Essentials Just for YOU!

Discipline Policy – This PDF is a church-wide discipline policy developed while serving in Minnesota.

Music in Your Class – This is a teaching developed to help the leader better understand the use of music in class or children’s church.

Field Trip Guidelines – First developed while serving in Salem, Oregon, this updated version gives you a basic guide for establishing policy for field trips in your church.

We Love Kids Banquet – This PDF gives you background and helpful hints on starting and running an annual banquet to honor children and lead them to Jesus.

Choosing Curriculum – Simple guidelines are provided for the leader in choosing the right curriculum for her church.

Children in Ministry – this is an article giving purpose and practices on involving children in ministry.

The Cutting Edge Children’s Pastor – Originally written to aid senior pastors in considering what to look for in a children’s pastor, this article will bless the children’s leader. 

Hallo-What? Halloween Outreach Ideas – As the title implies, this PDF gives you and parents ideas on how to turn Halloween into an outreach opportunity.

Devotions Don’t Have to Hurt – This is a devotional guide for parents. Emphasis is given to living and all-day, every day devotional lifestyle with your children.